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If you have been searching for the best hand blender then you’re in the right place. You could be asking yourself “what’s the best hand blender for smoothies?”, “what’s the best one for preparing larger meals?” or even “what company makes the best hand blenders overall?”

You’ll find the answers to all of your questions by scrolling up, looking through the relevant sections, and selecting one of our detailed reviews. Also, if you have a particular hand blender in mind you can find it by name in the tabs on the right side of this page.


“How do I choose the best hand blender for Me?”

Most of us have had the experience of buying something that didn’t do exactly what we needed it to, so, there are some important questions to answer about the hand blender we’re considering before deciding to buy.

Questions like . . .

“What is the main task I’ve got in mind for this hand blender?” 

Is it powerful enough to handle the task?”

How reliable are the attachments?” 

Does it come with a warranty?” And . . . 

“what do people who have already bought this hand blender have to say about it?”

Taking these factors into consideration beforehand will ensure that when your hand blender is delivered and you use it for the first time you’ll be impressed, pleased, and inspired to try new recipes. Instead of feeling disappointed and realising you’ve bought an inferior model.

Because you don’t have the time to investigate this for hours on end we’ve laid out the most important questions you can ask about any model, and, even having a quick look over them will help you to choose the best hand blender for your needs.

What will I be using it for the most ?

This is important to consider, if you only need it to perform basic blending of smoothies and soups then it doesn’t need to be ultra powerful, or include a wide array of attachments.

However, if you’re a keen amateur chef and you’ve got a bit more in mind than simple blending, it makes sense to pick one that can handle the tasks you have in store, and one that comes with better attachments.

Is it up to the job ?

This is a power and design question, and it’s easy to answer, many hand blenders list how powerful their motor is in the title, like the “Andrew James powerful 700 watt hand blender” for example.

Any hand blender that has 600 watts or more [with a decent chopping bowl and blending attachment] will easily manage any job. As for finding out whether a hand blender is well designed or not, you’ll find this information in the detailed reviews on our site, and from what other customers have said at Amazon UK.

How good are the attachments ?

This is vital to resolve before you buy, as some hand blenders come with the most basic [and cheaply made] attachments, while others in the same price range come with excellent well designed attachments.

How long is the power lead ?

An obvious but sometimes over looked question about the model you’re going to choose, there’s no point in getting an awesomely designed model that doesn’t even reach your food preparation area.

Does this model have a comfortable handle ?

Selecting a hand blender with a powerful enough motor (600 watts or above) will make this question less important than some previous ones, because you won’t need to hold it for as long a time.

But it’s still preferable to choose a model with a well molded and comfortable hand grip section, you can find this out through any of our reviews, or by typing the product name into Google Images and having a close up look for yourself.

How much does it cost ?

In this economic climate it’s always wise to consider the price, although going too cheap will usually only lead to disappointing frustration, thus proving the old saying “If you buy junk – you buy twice”.

Do I like the look of it ?

Not the most important point to worry about before buying, but considering the large selection of well made hand blenders there are to choose from, why shouldn’t you select one that is also pleasing to the eye?

Summary . . . 

While individual hand blender models might have some extra features to find out about, keeping the 7 questions we’ve covered in mind will definitely guide you towards a smart purchase choice, and keep you away from those inferior models.



What else will I find on the site ?

The maintenance tips page (see above) contains good information about extending your models working life & keeping it’s performance at a high quality.

You can easily message the site directly through the contact page with any questions you might have, both before or after you make a purchase decision.

The tasty blending options page features bonus content in the form of quick & easy hand blender recipes to add variety & great tasting nutrition to your meals.

And lastly just below you will find the image map, which allows you to view all the models reviewed on this site, pick the one you like the look of and click directly through to it’s review.


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Braun Multiquick 5 Hand BlenderBamix Deluxe Hand Held Food Processor
Bosch Power-Maxx Anthracite & Grey Hand BlenderRussell Hobbs Allure 3 In 1 Hand Blender
Russell Hobbs Food Collection Hand BlenderTefal Turbomix Metal Hand Blender
Kenwood TriBlade Hand Blender HB711MRussell Hobbs Desire Hand Blender 18970
Sabichi Essential Red Hand BlenderPhilips Viva Collection Hand Blender
Philips Robust Collection CordlessHinari's Multi-Attachment Hand Blender
The Braun Patisserie MQ775Bamix Gastro With Longer Leg
Heston Blumenthal's SageThe Ninja Master Prep
The Kmix In Peppercorn Blackduronic 240Duronic 1.8 Litre Stainless Steel Blender
Kitchen-Aid-Hand-BlenderKitchenAid Hand Blender & Casemmix 240MagiMix 1.8 Litre Jug Blender
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ajtableAndrew James Hand Blender In BlackhptableHotpoint Multifunctional Hand Blender

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