Dear  Reader,

It’s good to have your attention, for however long, so I won’t waste it by jabbering on and I’ll get right to the point.

My primary intention for this website is that its visitors and readers, like yourself, leave with a clearer understanding of the hand blender they are interested in, than they arrived here with.

Including all the details you must have to select the model which suits your individual food preparation needs the best, and which does not stretch your budget.

Why am I qualified to bring you this information? Before I got into making information websites I worked for a major electrical / household products retail company, for just over 7 years, and during those years I learned all sorts of technical information about all manner of appliances.

During my final 3 years of this work I began studying web design and also online promotions, while I didn’t exactly have a classic “Light – Bulb – Eureeka” moment it did become very clear to me that my knowledge of household appliances would be a great asset in this new realm of online promotions, product reviewing and putting together detailed information websites.

And it certainly has been, as I’ve looked at different household appliances to review little shards of useful information have come back to me, usually the specific things you would expect to forget!

So, that’s the short version (I don’t want to bore you to much) and that’s where I’m up to right now. My long term plan for this particular website is to fill it with at least 50 detailed reviews of the best hand blenders available in the UK today, so, if you re-visit you will find new content and updated reviews.

You can reach me directly via the contact page and all genuine questions will be replied to within 48 hours.

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Thanks For Reading.