Andrew James Hand Blender In Black

andrew james hand blender black


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Comfortable Grip

Fair Price

Superior Motor + Turbo

3 good attachments

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Short power lead

Usual Price – £30

The Andrew James Hand Blender in black promises great blending results thanks to its 700 Watt motor. It also has a fair price of around £29 pounds, and boasts quality design features like smooth speed changes, a very comfortable handle and well made attachments.

All of these features make it a smart choice for a hand blender under the £50 pound price mark.

The Attachments . . . 

The chopping bowl is see through so you can tell how blended your ingredients are, and its black upper section locks firmly into the blenders shaft for power, and it will chop down any food type (from soft cheese to hard nuts) into very small pieces.

aj chopping

The half liter beaker is useful for storing your blended drinks in the fridge, and it has a jug lip for pouring without mess. And the stainless steel egg whisk is long lasting and works well for smoothly making mayonnaise, scrambled eggs or cake icing.

700 Watts Of Drive . . .

Most hand blenders with weaker motors share a common problem, when you raise the speed it increases to quickly which can cause splatter mess and lumpy blends.

Andrew James hand blenders don’t have this problem because they’re built with a direct control mechanism which smoothly moves the blades up or down in speed. Also, 700 watts is far more powerful than most blenders in this price range.

Adjustable Speeds . . .

The Andrew James hand blenders speed can be increased or decreased easily with the dial on top of the main handle. It has 5 different settings, and just below the dial is the turbo button which is nice and easy to press during use.

Quality Blades . . .

The blades on this machine spin very quietly, even at the fastest setting, and being made from stainless steel means they are hygienic and will last for years. Also they are covered by a bell shaped guard which keeps mess to a minimum.

So What’s The Verdict . . ?

One small bad point about this model is the power lead, which is only 1.5 meters long. However this should be fine for most medium sized kitchens, especially if you have a plug near the prep area.

The short (ish) lead aside, this Andrew James hand blender is a very reliable machine. Its 700 watt motor, comfortable rubber hand grip with turbo and its 3 useful attachments make it a smart addition to any kitchen. Hit Buy to order . .

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