Andrew James Hand Blender – 700 Watts

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Superior motor + Turbo boost

Very affordable

Comfortable grip

3 attachments

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Shorter power lead than its rivals

Usual price – £30

Because the Andrew James hand blender packs 100 watts more punch than others in this price range it will obviously deliver prime blending results, and it may well be the best hand blender in the under £50 pounds section.

It usually sells for £29 pounds and its comfortable grip design, smooth changes of blending speed, solid attachments & powerful DC (direct control) motor make it well worth the low price.

The 700 watt DC motor . .

Hand blenders with inferior motors have a common performance problem, when the user changes speeds the motor reacts in a “to much to soon” manner which results in poor blends and mess.

The Andrew James powerful 700 watt motor definitely doesn’t have this problem, thanks to its direct control mechanism it increases & decreases smoothly between speeds, and, its extra 100 watts of power and Turbo boost function let it zoom through even stubborn ingredients.

The chopping bowl, egg whisk & beaker . . 

The chopping bowl has a toughened black upper section which attaches to the hand blender, and its main body is clear so you can see exactly how blended your food is. It allows you to chop veg, nuts, hard cheese, boiled eggs & other ingredients to the consistency you need.

Unfortunately the half liter beaker doesn’t feature a sealable lid, although it does have a jug lip which makes pouring precise & clean.

The egg whisk is the classic ballon shape & is made from stainless steel, it easily blends eggs for scrambled, smooth mayonnaise & icing for cakes.

The hand blenders blades . .

Like the egg whisk this hand blenders blades are made from stainless steel, and they operate with low noise even at high speeds.

They are also covered by the outward curving blade guard which makes sure there is no mess while you are blending.

The speed settings . . 

This blenders speed is easily raised or lowered by the dial positioned on the very top, it has 5 different speeds and further down the body sits the Turbo button, which gives you a surge of extra power whenever you need it.

The over all design . .

A few minor let downs in the design include the power lead, which is shorter than other hand blender models, however if your kitchen has a plug socket beside it’s prep area (as most do) this won’t be a problem.

Secondly the Andrew James Hand Blender is slightly heavier than other models, this is due to its larger 700 watt motor.

Apart from these 2 minor points this hand blenders over all design is solid and good looking, the rubberized hand grip is comfortable to hold, the Turbo button is easy to press down during use, all 3 attachments strongly lock into place and the main hand blender + attachments can be hand washed in seconds.

The bottom line . .

Despite its 2 small flaws this is an excellent hand blender, its superior 700 watt motor with Turbo function gets the job done quickly every time, its 3 quality attachments increase your blending options and at £29 pounds it is very affordable – Click the buy button below to get yours now

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