Best Hand Blender Accessories

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If you are browsing for accessories and attachments which will improve your hand blenders over all performance, or, one of your old accessories has broken down, you can scroll through the mini review list below and find all the specific details on the attachment you need.





The Bamix Slicesy Processor Accessory

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Precise Bamix design

Fast results

Perfect size

Various prep options





This quality accessory from Bamix comes with a specially shaped lid, bowl, main chopping blades and 5 smaller grinding and slicing blades. It works with any Bamix hand blender and will chop, grind or slice whatever food you want in under 20 seconds. For full details keep reading

Shape & design of the lid . . .

The SliceSy’s lid clips securely to the bowl and has one circular port for the Bamix hand blender head to fit into and a raised funnel for dropping veg, diced meat, nuts and other foods down into.

There is also a hard plastic rectangle which allows you to push the food right down the funnel to the blades.

The grating & slicing blades . . .

The square stainless steel grating and slicing blades attach to a horizontally aligned plastic disc which inserts into the main bowl (see above image) before the lid is clipped on.

The 2 slicing blades are thick and thin, and the 3 grating blades are coarse – medium – and super fine. They all work excellently on veg, meats, nuts and cheeses.

The main chopping blades . . .

The SliceSy’s main chopping blades are a twin stainless steel set and each blade is curved for maximum slice as they spin.

They are held in position by a central metal rod inside the bowl, and they are also very sharp when new and should be handled with care.

The bowl . . .

The bowl is the perfect Not to big – Not to small size and because it’s base has a diameter of only 6 inches it takes up very little space on the kitchen worktop.

It makes quick work of any foods you give it for processing and when your finished simply lift out the blades, grip the central metal pole and lift out the inner base which lifts your sliced, chopped or grated food with it.

Reviews Re- Cap . . . 

If you are already a Bamix hand blender owner and you’re looking to improve your food preparation and nutrition options the SliceSy Processor Accessory will exceed your expectations and become a valuable tool in your home cooking kit. Click buy below for details of delivery

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Bamix Wet & Dry Processor Unit

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Grinds fine & fast

Very Durable

Many uses

Bamix quality design





The Bamix wet and dry processor unit was designed to fit all Bamix hand blenders and it allows you to quickly grind down many different wet and dry food types.

It can excellently turn standard sugar into fine caster sugar for cake icing, grind down coffee beans to powder, and it is powerful enough to grind a whole nutmeg into fine powder in seconds.

It’s also great for whipping up homemade salsa dip, houmos, guacamole or any others you fancy, and it is the perfect size for juicing individual quantities of vegetables.

And lastly, the Bamix wet and dry processor unit is made from toughened plastic, clips apart for easy cleaning and is dishwasher safe. Press the buy button for price & delivery options

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The Pyrex 1 litre measuring jug

pyrex 1 litrespace


High heat resistance

Compliments hand blender

10 year guarantee

Freeze resistant




All of the Pyrex companies measuring jugs are made from quality borosilicate glass, this means they will not warp, crack or shatter in household oven temperatures.

In fact a very hot cooker’s oven only reaches temperatures around the 475 degrees fahrenheit mark, and Pyrex’s borosilicate glass doesn’t show signs of heat warping until it is exposed to temperatures well over 1,200 degrees fahrenheit.

This makes it a good choice for safely heating liquid ingredients like blended soups without worrying about heat damage to the jug, hit play below to see how it’s made . .

The 1 litre deep measuring jug also works well with any hand blender because it is both deep enough to avoid splashing during blending, and wide enough to hold a decent amount of soup, smoothie or yoghurt.

And as you can see from this reviews main image the jug is made from 1 piece of very tough but very smooth moulded borosilicate glass.

And has printed red obvious measuring increments on its side, millilitres to litres on 1 side and ounces to pints on the other, which is a great help when preparing exact amounts for recipes.

So in summary, the 1 litre Pyrex glass measuring jug is extremely resistant to high temperatures, is good for safely heating or freezing your ingredients at home, compliments and increases your hand blenders abilities and currently sells on amazon UK for under £10 pounds. Hit the Buy Button to order

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The Braun complete chopping attachment

braun completespace


Fast veg slicing

Non-Slip base

Dishwasher safe






This sturdy Braun chopping attachment will fit the Braun Multi-Quick hand blender range and specifically the MR5000, MR5500, MR5550, MR6000, MR6500 and the MR6550 models. It will not fit the MR400, MR500 or MR4000 range.

It has a capacity of 0.5 litres and it can chop a quartered large onion in seconds, also, its ability to quickly and finely cut all vegetables will greatly enhance your home cooked dishes.

Chopping fresh peppers with this accessory works best when you pulse it, because of their soft texture they can become to squishy on its powerful full speed.

Another point in its favour is it has a non-slip rubber base and it can also be washed in the dishwasher.

This Braun complete chopping attachment was built to help with your day to day vegetable, herb and sauce preparation tasks, and thanks to its compact nature it won’t take over your kitchen worktop.

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Bowl for Braun MR4000, MR5000, MR6000 series

CA5000 bowl picturespace


Excellent chopping action

Durable & long lasting




If your old Braun chopping bowl has become lost or broken this braun hand blender replacement bowl can get you back on track in the kitchen.

It quickly and precisely chops all the usual suspects, including all vegetables, meat, nuts, cheese, fruit and any other foods you might need to slice up.

It will fit Braun hand blender model numbers MR5500, MR5550, MR6500 and also . .

MR4000, MR4050, MR600 and MR6550

If You are in doubt about the right fit check your old bowl for the printed letters C A, if the old bowl has them this bowl will fit your Braun hand blender. Hit the buy button below for price and delivery details

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Braun stainless steel whisk attachment

braun whisk picturespace


Stain proof

Heat proof

Tough steel






This handy attachment for Your Braun hand blender can increase Your home recipe variety, and, allows You to quickly whip up icing for deserts, whirl raw eggs into mayonnaise and whisk milk into cream.

It is made completely from stainless steel which makes it heat proof, stain proof and very tough. It will only fit the MR-500 and MR-400 series of Braun hand blenders. Click the Buy Button to order Yours

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