Bosch Anthracite & Grey Hand Blender

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Very powerful motor

Quiet, no vibrations

Bosch quality design

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Small chopping bowl

Usual price – £59


Cheaper than most of our other deluxe models, but just as versatile and efficient, the Bosch anthracite and grey power-maxx hand blender is a solid product with decent attachments and a quiet powerful motor. It performs strongly in every way you would expect and doesn’t cost a fortune, let’s take a closer look . . .

What’s the motor like . . ?

You wouldn’t expect a multinational engineering company with over 100 years of technical experience to equip their hand blender with an average motor, and Bosch certainly haven’t.

The driving force inside the power-maxx is an energetic 750 watt motor with low vibrations and very little noise output, and, the ability to maintain a constant RPM pace even when blending thicker foods.

The handle from top to bottom . . . 

The main handle is essentially a comfortable to use piece made from toughened plastic with a soft touch coating, at its highest point the power lead extends and has an impressive length of 60 inches.

Also at the top we find the “Power On” switch, and just below this are the medium speed and turbo speed buttons, both of which are soft touch.

Near the handles bottom end is the easy eject button for removing the attachments when you are finished.

The blending foot and blades . . . 

Heat resistant, easy to clean and extremely capable, the Bosch power-maxx’s stainless steel blending foot features twin steel blades and a unique anti mess guard which simultaneously stops splashing and allows the ingredients being blended to flow in and out of the spinning blades.

Characteristics of the chopping bowl . . .

With a capacity 0.5 liters the chopping bowl is a bit on the small side, however, it does have some redeeming features, like the base suction pads which keep it locked to the worktop while in use, and its extra blade insert specifically designed to handle ice.

It is also transparent allowing you to judge how chopped the contents are, and it will easily handle more dense foods such as cheeses, hard boiled eggs and cubes of steak.

The blending beaker details . . . 

At 700 millilitres deep this blending beaker is a bit larger than other standard types, it’s good for whipping up milk shakes and soft fruit smoothies, and it has measuring marks every 100 ML printed on the side for precise amounts. It also comes with 2 airtight lids.

The whisk . . . 

The whisk is a fairly large stainless steel model which whips up cream with speed and efficiency, beats eggs smoothly for scrambling or baking, and helps you make glossy soft icing for cakes. It can be washed easily by hand or in the dishwasher.

A look at the wall mount . . . 

The semi-circular wall mount which comes with the Bosch power-maxx is a bonus for anyone with a smaller kitchen, it screws to the wall at a reachable height and holds the power-maxx securely.

The reviews conclusion . . .

The Bosch anthracite and grey power-maxx hand blender is a fair choice, although, it does have some short comings when compared to our other deluxe models, namely its smaller chopping bowl.

If you are not looking to prep large amounts of food daily, and you just want an affordable deluxe model it has all of your bases covered. Press the Buy button for order details

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