Bosch Hand Blender & Accessories

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Excellent accessories

Very easy to clean

Powerful quiet motor

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Usual price – £39

The Bosch company (which was founded 127 years ago in Stuttgart Germany) has a long standing and well deserved reputation for producing quality household appliances, and the Bosch hand blender with accessories is no exception.

With its comfortable grip, powerful and quiet motor and 3 quality attachments it is a welcome edition to the under £50 pounds section.

The main body – upper & lower . .

Starting at the very top we find the On/Off button, and slightly below this (facing outwards) sits the speed change button, which switches the hand blender between its 2 speed settings.

And just below this the Turbo button, which can be held down during blending for an extra power boost.

Halfway down the main body sits the eject button, this releases the lower foot section for cleaning or changing to the chopping jug attachment, and, the lower foot is heat resistant and features a very effective blade guard which umbrellas out and downwards at the bottom to stop messy splashes.

The over all shape of this hand blender is curved and gives you a sleek and comfortable grip when  using it.

The accessories . .

While the Bosch hand blender only has 2 main accessories (the 3rd being its wall mount) they both provide you with that extra bit of quality which earned the company its good reputation in the first place.

Firstly the chopping bowl will finely dice veg in seconds and also handles boiled eggs, nuts and hard cheeses easily. But the really clever thing about the chopping bowls design are the suction pads on its base, these pads keep it glued to the spot while you use it.

Usually hand blenders come with a 500 millilitre measuring jug, but Bosch has made theirs 700 millilitres and it also has an air tight sealing lid so you can refrigerate your blends for later.

The wall mount accessorie is simple to put up, saves you space and looks stylish.

The motor . . 

The expertly designed 600 watt motor provides the stainless steel blades with more than enough blending power, and it also runs quietly with very little vibration.

Does it have any downsides . . ?

Not really, the hand blenders lightweight plastic body feel slightly less sturdy than some heavier models, but I’m not sure this qualifies as a negative point, especially not if you prefer a lighter model.

The bottom line . .

Bosch have once again produced a quality product at a reasonable price of £39 pounds. It blends, chops and purees effortlessly, has well thought out and easy to clean accessories, and comes with a 2 year guarantee – Click the buy button to order yours now

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