Bosch Red Hand Blender

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Very even blends

Quiet & powerful motor

Well made attachments

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Usual price – £62


This reliable Bosch hand blender houses a quiet and powerful 750 watt motor, which lets you blend or chop a wide variety of food ingredients. Its stand out features include a good chopping bowl, LED highlighted speed settings and a heat resistant stainless steel blending attachment with excellent blades. Lets look at it in a bit more detail . .

The chopping bowl . . .

The chopping bowl attachment is slightly larger than the usual 0.5 liter designs, it has a non slip base, stainless steel chopping blades which are stepped for efficiency and a clear plastic body so you can see what’s going on in there.

It will easily handle vegetables like onions and peppers, and also tougher stuff like nuts, ice and hard cheeses.

The measuring beaker . . .

Like the chopping bowl, the measuring beaker has a non slip base and a transparent body with visible measuring increments.

At just over 1 liter deep it is a decent size and is perfect for blending your morning smoothies or afternoon soups, the air tight press on lid also lets you store away any blends you make for later in the day.

Is the main blending attachment well designed . . ?

Very much so, at its lowest point the blending attachments foot has been optimized to prevent splatter and mess, and, it also houses the “Quattro” 4 winged blades which deliver quick and smooth blending results consistently.

Being made from stainless steel gives it good heat resistance and a long working life, it securely clips to the upper handle and is easily removed via the attachment release button.

The upper handles design & features . .

The blenders main section has an ergonomic soft touch handle which gives you a comfortable and solid hold. It also has an LED (light-emitting diode) speed indicator, an adjustable speed slider and a Turbo button for maximum performance.

At the lowest part of the handle is the attachment release button, and, at the top is the power cable which has a length of 140 centimeters (over 4 feet) and also has a rubber hanging clip for easy storage.

Are the attachments dishwasher safe . . ?

The stainless steel egg whisk, measuring beaker and chopping bowl can all be put in the dishwasher without damaging them.

The bottom line . . . 

The Bosch MSM7700GB red hand blender is a decent, well designed model. And while it isn’t the fanciest hand blender on the market it will cover all of your basic blending and chopping needs expertly, thanks to its well designed accessories and powerful 750 watt motor. Click on the buy button below to order yours

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