Braun Multiquick 5 Hand Blender MR-550

braun multiquick 5

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         Expands food preparation options                  None

         Excellent large slicer/shredder jug

         Precise speed settings + Turbo

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What makes the Braun Multiquick 5 Hand Blender MR-550 stand out above the more garden variety models is its ability to assist you with all of your food preparation rituals, while taking up less space than a larger more expensive food processor.

With its excellent attachments, powerful motor, striking clean look and preparation versatility it really does tick all the boxes.

How powerful is the motor . . ?

Braun have opted for a 600 watt to drive the multiquick 5, it supplies more than enough power, especially as it’s backed up by a Turbo button function.

What’s on the handle . . ?

Lets examine the main handle from top to bottom. At the very top we can see the 15 position speed setting dial, having 15 settings allows for exactly the right speed to task match.

Just below this we find the “Power On” and “Turbo” buttons, both are soft touch and this upper area of the handle has an inward curve and a soft grip material coating which makes for a comfortable hold.

At its lowest end the handle features 2 left and right attachment release buttons which securely lock the attachments in place.

A close look at the slicer/shredder jug . . .

Braun have given their slicer/shredder jug the ample size of 1,000 milliliters, this lets you prepare more in 1 sitting when you are slicing potatoes or shredding carrots.

The 1 piece molded lid features 2 raised ports, one for locking the multiquicks handle into position and the other is its ingredient funnel.

To alternate between slicing, shredding or even kneading dough with the special kneading hook, simply pop of the lid and insert the required piece. This versatile attachment also has a rubberized non slip base, a large pouring handle and can be washed in the dishwasher.

The chopping bowl . . . 

Just like the slicer/shredder jug, the chopping bowl has a non slip base, but, with a capacity of 1/2 a liter it is quite a bit smaller. It will easily handle a variety of foods, including nuts, diced meat, hard cheeses, chocolate chunks and vegetables. It can also be cleaned in the dishwasher.

The whisk & beaker . . . 

both of these attachments are dishwasher safe, and the beaker works well with the main blending foot for making milkshakes, fruit smoothies or blending vegetables together.

Whipping up cream, beating eggs and smoothly whisking desert ingredients together is made easy with the stainless steel whisk attachment, and, choosing a lower speed setting for whisking will produce the best results.

The blending foot . . . 

Arguably one of the most important attachments, the braun multiquicks stainless steel blending foot  doesn’t disappoint. Its anti-splatter shaped head has been precisely designed to eliminate any mess, it blends smoothly and quickly, and being made from steel ensures it won’t rust or break.

The last word . . . 

The braun multiquick 5 hand blender gives you power, efficiency and of course superior food preparation options. It’s a great choice for anyone who enjoys experimenting with new recipes or cooking in general, hit the Buy Button for price and delivery information

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