Braun Multiquick Cordless Hand Blender – MR 740cc

braun multi-quick cordlessSpace

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Un-restricted movement

1 handed usability

Very comfortable handle

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Only 2 accessories

Usual price – £109


If I only had 3 words to describe the Braun multiquick cordless hand blender to you I’d have to choose stylish, efficient and unrestricted. Being cordless the unrestricted part speaks for itself, so let’s examine this hand blenders other features in detail to see what else makes it efficient, stylish and worth your attention . .

The feel & features of the main handle . . .

Like most other quality hand blenders Brauns multiquick cordless has an ergonomically shaped handle to give you a comfortable hold. The word ergonomic means “something intended to provide maximum comfort and avoid stress or injury“.

In addition to having a comfortable shape the uppermost section of the handle is made from soft touch black rubber for extra comfort. And also this model can be easily operated with 1 hand thanks to its innovational power on switch design.

Unlike most others though it doesn’t have an overabundance of speed settings, switches and buttons, Braun have just gone with the simple “On-Off” design which works really well.

The blending foot attachment . . .

As you can see above the main blending foot attachment is of the 1 piece stainless steel variety, and, it’s blending end features an uncommon bell shape which houses the ultra hard blades and prevents messy splatter.

Being made from stainless steel gives the blending foot strength of structure and better heat resistance than plastic models have, it’s also dishwasher safe.

The 1 liter chopper, jug blender & ice crusher . . . 

Thankfully Braun have gone for a larger 1 liter chopping jug instead of the common half liter chopping bowl attachments we usually see.

This attachment was made with multi function in mind, it has no trouble processing tougher ingredients, crushing ice cubes or whipping up a quick milkshake. It also has a decent sized pouring handle and a non slip base which peels away to double as an air tight lid.

The re-charge stand & battery life . . . 

This 740cc model comes with a stylish standing charging unit which will fully re-charge the motor in 1 hour and 30 minutes, and it can blend away at full output for 20 minutes before needing to re-charge again.

Of course it is unlikely you’ll need to blend anything for 20 minutes non stop, so the power gets continuously topped up when you place it back on the standing re-charger.

Free from power leads . . . 

With no tangled annoying power leads to get in your way this hand blender gives you the freedom to blend your ingredients anywhere, in the house or outside.

And in this case having no power lead doesn’t mean having less power for blending, thanks to this models advanced motor technology.

The final summary . . . 

So if you have you’re heart set on a cordless hand blender you could do a lot worse than Brauns Multiquick 740cc model, it’s ergonomic soft grip handle, steel anti mess blending foot, large sized chopping jug attachment and portability make it a sensible choice. Press the buy button below for delivery and price details

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