Breville 3 in 1 Red Hand Blender Set

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Powerful motor with Turbo

Excellent attachments

Very comfortable grip

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Slightly loud motor


Usual price – £41

At £41 pounds Brevilles 3 in 1 red hand blender set definitely costs less than it should, which is a welcome rarity these days.

It has dishwasher safe attachments, an over sized measuring beaker and a turbo speed function backed up by its powerful 600 watt motor. Read on for details . .

The handle & main blending attachment . . . 

The designers at Breville have done a great job with the handle, which has a soft touch and easy grip mold, it is both comfortable and gives you the best control while blending. Also the deep red and stainless steel looks really nice.

The button release for all the attachments is found halfway down the handle, it’s release works very  well and doesn’t stick.

Constructed from stainless steel, the main blending attachment features a curved anti-splatter guard at its bottom, which neatly covers the four tipped stainless steel blending blades.

The motor & speed settings . . . 

Nothing to complicated about the hand blenders speed settings, we get regular and turbo, both of which are controlled via the soft press buttons on the upper section of the handle.

The beating heart of this hand blender is its powerful 600 watt motor, which will let you blend, chop or whisk almost any ingredients you choose. The downside to this is that the motor is slightly louder than other models, but, because the Breville 3 In 1 gets the job done quickly the extra noise isn’t really a big deal.

The chopping bowl . . .

For making salsa, bread crumbs or even chopping tougher food stuffs like ice cubes or nuts, you can clip on the mini chopping bowl.

It has anti-slip rubber feet which keep the bowl in place, and the stainless steel chopping blades boosted on by the powerful motor can dice up your dressings, dips or vegetables in seconds.

The measuring beaker & whisk . . . 

The stainless steel balloon whisk makes whisking your eggs or cake icing effortless, also worth pointing out is that whisking is best kept on the regular speed setting, and done in a stop start motion with less than half of the measuring beaker full, this avoids mess and results in a smooth texture.

Breville decided to make their hand blenders measuring beaker 300 millilitres larger than the usual 500 millilitre beakers, this is a great extra, especially if your looking to blend large post workout smoothies.

Keeping it clean . . . 

All three attachments are easy to remove thanks to the well designed button release, and they are all dishwasher friendly, or easily washed by hand.

The final summary . . . 

All in all the Breville 3 In 1 red hand blender set covers all of your basic blending and chopping needs, and it covers them very well.

Its powerful motor, well thought out attachments, comfy grip handle and affordable price of £29 pounds make it a good buying choice. Click the buy button below to order yours

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