Breville Cordless Hand Blender VHB063

under 100 5Space

g p 7

Ease of movement

Powerful motor

Soft grip handle

Compact station

b p 7

Just 1 accessory

Usual price – £55

The Breville VBH063 Cordless is a good looker and delivers everything you will need for basic blending of soups, smoothies and milkshakes. The only let down is it’s lack of accessories, as it just comes with one, a large measuring beaker.

The re-charging stand . . . 

The re-charging stand for this hand blender is both stylish and compact, and, as you can see in the video above it holds the upper handle section and the blending foot securely while taking up very little space.

Fully re-charging the 800 watt motor will take the stand 2 hours, and once full it can blend for 20 minutes straight before needing to charge again.

The upper handle, shape & features . . . 

Shaped to give you a comfortable holding position, the upper handle feels solid and has a soft touch recessed power button, a vertical 3 light display that tells you how much battery power is left and a cushioned easy grip coating.

When you attach the blending foot simply twist to the right, this locks it in place and you’re ready to go. Unfortunately Breville decided to skip the Turbo button on this model, but its 800 watt motor has enough power to get things done regardless.

And lastly of course, the fact that it’s cordless grants you unrestricted movement while blending.

Design of the blending foot . . . 

Considering its shape and the fact it is made from stainless steel, this blending foot attachment is durable, corrosion proof and smart looking.

Its bottom end umbrellas out into the anti-splatter guard, inside of which we find the steel 4 tipped blending blades.

For cleaning it’s fine to put in the dishwasher, and it sits upright in the re-charge stand when not in use, it also has a plastic cap to keep the blades dust free.

Dimensions of the measuring beaker . . . 

Although the measuring beakers size is marked as 700 milliliters it’s actually a little bit bigger, which is good. It has measuring increments on both sides from 100 to 700 milliliters, and it also has a jug style lip for correct pouring.

The last word . . .

So on the positive side for Brevilles cordless hand blender we’ve got an 800 watt powerful motor, a well designed re-charging station, a comfortable handle and a solid blending foot.

And on the negative side just the one accessory, which makes this model a great choice for basic blending tasks, but more serious amateur chefs might prefer a model with more versatility. Press the buy button below for price details

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