Breville Pro Kitchen Hand Blender

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Very powerful motor

Large chopper & beaker

Good looking

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Usual price – £60

Adding the Breville Pro Kitchen Hand Blender to your food preparation tools is a smart choice, with it you can blend or chop a wide variety of soft and hard food ingredients, or use the double beater attachment to whisk up your favourite meringues, mousses and cakes. And its 800 watt motor will see you through all of your blending and chopping tasks quickly and easily.

The upper main handle & speed settings . . .

The upper handle has been ergonomically moulded which gives you a well fitting secure hold and good control while you blend, it’s colour scheme is chrome and jet black so it looks pretty stylish to.

At its very top you find the 12 position speed dial which helps towards producing exact results, and, just below this are the soft touch power “On” and “Turbo” buttons.

At the handles lowest point, on the left and right sides, are the attachment release buttons, which both release and securely lock the attachments in place.

The main blending foot . . .

Being made from stainless steel affords the blending foot excellent heat resistance and prevents corrosion or staining.

Its business end fans out in an anti-splatter umbrella design shape, and housed inside this are the 4 tipped stainless steel blades, which will make short work of anything you choose to blend. Also the blending foot is dishwasher safe.

The chopping bowl attachment . . .

As most hand blenders come with a 0.5 liter chopping bowl, the Breville pro kitchen does extremely well in this area with its extra large 1.25 liter chopping bowl. The extra volume means less refilling while you chop, and the ability to add whole or halved vegetables straight away.

Its stainless steel chopping blades get the job done quickly and its over sized handle makes emptying out chopped ingredients easier.

It also features measuring increments on its side and is dishwasher safe, except for the lid which must be washed by hand.

The measuring beaker . . .

At 800 milliliters deep the pro kitchens measuring beaker is also larger than the average, and, like the chopping bowl it has measuring increments on its side set apart every 100 milliliters.

It works in conjunction with the main blending foot to blend even smoothies and soups, and its press down lid lets you store the blends for later. The lid also doubles as its non slip base.

The geared twin beaters . . .

If you’re into baking the Breville pro kitchens twin beaters are a welcome addition to its accessories, they are made from stainless steel and have the V groove design which allows you to whip cream or cake mixes perfectly.

The final conclusion . . .

The Breville Pro Kitchen Hand Blender is a solid professional grade kitchen appliance, Breville has combined 800 watts of motor power with 4 well designed attachments which allow you to breeze through your blending, chopping and whisking. Hit the buy button to order yours now

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