What do you want to know before choosing?

To further help you choose the best hand blender for your specific needs I’ve laid out some of the most frequently asked questions below. Some of the questions are linked to the review (or section of the review) which best answers them.

And others have a clear answer directly beneath them. Also if you have a question which isn’t listed below just jump over to the contact page and send it in, and you’ll receive a reply within 24 hours.

Which models are good for larger food prep tasks like slicing potatoes and chopping veg?

There’s a few to choose from here, some of the best include the Kenwood Kmix Triblade, the Braun Multiquick 5 for slicing potatoes or the Hotpoint Multifunctional is also a good choice

I only need to blend drinks and soups, which cheaper hand blenders are the best quality?

Most of the models reviewed in the hand blenders under £50 pounds section answer this question perfectly. They’re all well made and reliable, and a few of them come with mini chopping bowls or egg whisks in case you need a bit more versatility.

Also the Kenwood TriBlade without accessories is a good low price – high quality answer to this question.

What are some of the benefits and drawbacks to choosing a cordless hand blender over a traditional plug in model?

There’s only really one drawback to choosing a cordless, they run out of power and eventually need charged. However most well made cordless hand blenders like the Braun Mr740 will blend at full power for 20 minutes and fully re-charge after just 1 hour.

The benefits are complete freedom of movement while you’re blending, the ability to stroll from room to room and not having to think about the power lead snagging on or knocking over any of your kitchen equipment.

Which hand blenders are best for using in deep soup pans?