Hand Blender Recipes To Try


Welcome to the hand blender recipes section of the site, where you will find detailed, great tasting and easy to prepare recipes for you to try out.

The recipes below will be stacked in a Savoury – Sweet layout, and while some of them will work best with certain hand blender models a little bit of improvising will allow you to complete the recipe even if you don’t own that specific model.

Also none of the recipes below will take longer than twenty five minutes to prepare, just to keep things simple, enjoy 🙂





Fillet steak with celeriac and apple sauce

fillet steak apple sauce

Our first recipe for you to try is the fillet steak with herb crust and celeriac and apple sauce, a quick tip before we begin, shred your apple and celeriac first for easier preparation.

What you’ll need . . .

3 or 4 fresh fillet steak pieces ( 6 ounce pieces are best)

1 frying pan with 2 table spoons of olive oil on a medium heat

Your hand blender with chopping bowl ready to go


For the herb crust paste you’ll need . . . 

4 slices of slightly stale bread which will be made into your crumbs

30 grams of grated parmesan cheese

One 3 inch long piece of parsley

A little bit of basil and rosemary

2 table spoons of grain mustard

1 table spoon of olive oil


For the apple and celeriac sauce you’ll need . . . 

Just over 200 grams of celeriac (shredded)

A splash of lemon juice (optional)

4 table spoons of mayonnaise in a bowl

1 teaspoon of course grain mustard

1 fresh apple, cored and shredded

2 table spoons of chopped parsley, some salt & pepper


The process . . .

First turn the heat onto gas mark 4 under your frying pan and olive oil, then take your 6 ounce piece of fillet steak and sprinkle salt and pepper on both sides for seasoning.

Next place the fillet steak into your heated frying pan, it should be cooked for 4 minutes in the pan and turned to brown all over.

While that’s cooking you can prepare the herb crust paste by adding all of its ingredients into your hand blenders chopping bowl, and pulse chop it 5 or 6 times until it becomes a green paste.

When it’s done it should be nice and moist thanks to the olive oil, this makes it easy to spread onto your fillet and it will get crispy in the oven.

By this time your fillet steak should have been cooked in the frying pan for roughly 2 minutes on each side and will be brown and crisp all over, so you can now spread a table spoon of your herb crust paste on top of the fillet and cook it in the oven for another 6 minutes at 190 C (gas mark 5).


In the meantime . . . 

Now while that cooks in the oven you can make the celeriac and apple sauce. First add your 4 tablespoons of mayonnaise to a bowl, then shred your 200 grams of celeriac, if you have a hand blender with a shredder attachment like the Braun Multi Quick MR550 this parts easier, but if you don’t you can easily shred it by hand with a chopping board and a sharp knife. Next shred your pieces of apple.

Now spoon your shredded celeriac and apple into the bowl with the mayonnaise, add in your teaspoon of coarse grain mustard, your 2 table spoons of chopped parsley, a drop of lemon juice and give it a good stir to bring it all together.

By now your fillet steak piece (or pieces) will be ready to leave the oven and you can serve with the celeriac and apple sauce on the side.





Fresh homemade mayonnaise with wholegrain mustard

mayo 1

This next recipe for homemade mayonnaise with wholegrain mustard is very quick and easy to throw together, and it tastes better than many of the jar sealed choices found in your local supermarket.

What you’ll need . . .

1 egg (room temperature)

1 table spoon of your favourite vinegar

1 heaped tea spoon of wholegrain mustard

350 millilitres of sunflower oil

A squeeze of lemon juice (optional)

A sprinkle of salt and pepper for seasoning

Your hand blender with the blending foot attached

A tall narrow blending beaker


To prepare simply . . . 

Crack your egg open and add it to the blending beaker, the yolk and the white. Next pour in your tablespoon of vinegar, then add your teaspoon of wholegrain mustard, then pour in the 350 millilitres of sunflower oil, and lastly add your sprinkle of salt and pepper and the squeeze of lemon juice.

Now take your hand blender with the blending foot attached and lower the blending foot into your beaker until it is touching the bottom, start blending your mayonnaise ingredients on a low speed and after about 30 seconds you’ll see the white mayonnaise start to form.

At this point you can raise and lower the blending foot as you blend, this will finish of the process for you and you should be left with great tasting smooth mayonnaise which will keep for over 7 days once it has been sealed and refrigerated.





Easy chocolate brownie recipe

chocolate brownie picture

As the title suggests this one is very easy to put together and all you need to make it at home is your hand blender with its chopping bowl attachment and your ingredients laid out in small bowls ready to go.

The ingredients list . . .

7 ounces of butter

7 ounces of your choice of chocolate, broken into pieces for melting

Just over 8 ounces of brown sugar

1.5 ounces of your favourite chopped nuts

3 ounces of sifted cocoa powder

2.5 ounces of sifted plain flour

4 large eggs

A teaspoon of baking powder

A 7 inch deep square baking tin


The process . . .

Crack and remove your 4 eggs from their shells and have them sitting in a bowl ready for mixing, also have your other ingredients in bowls so they are quick to hand when you need them.

Pre-heat your oven to gas mark 5, and line your 7 inch deep baking tin with no-stick baking paper.

Drop the butter and chocolate into a bowl and melt and stir them together using a low heat pan of steaming water beneath the bowl like this . . .

choc and butter melting pic






While that melts slowly you can add your eggs and brown sugar to your hand blenders chopping bowl and begin to mix it together.

If your chopping bowl doesn’t have a stirring style blade you can just use your hand blenders whisk attachment with the ingredients in a large bowl for this step.

Now that your eggs and brown sugar are starting to mix together you can add in your flour, chopped nuts, the teaspoon of baking powder and the sifted cocoa powder. Give it all another mix until its nice and smooth.

By now your chocolate pieces and butter should be nicely melted so its time to give it one last stir and pour it in with your other ingredients, and, now that everything is together give it a last good blending until you are happy with the consistency.

Lastly just pour your brownie ingredients into the square baking tin, place into your pre-heated oven and bake for thirty minutes. Be sure not to bake longer because your brownie will dry out, it’s as easy as that.





Simple & delicious scrambled eggs

scrambled eggs picture

Today I’m going to tell you how to cook perfect scrambled eggs, but first let’s take a look at what you’ll need before we start.

1 – A non stick frying pan
2 – A few square cubes of butter for frying with
3 – Your hand blender with the whisk attachment
4 – Three eggs (whites & yolks) de-shelled in a bowl
5 – Roughly a tablespoon of salt, natural rock or sea salt is best
6 – A standard sized coffee mug half filled with cream (optional)
7 – A flat headed wooden spoon

To prepare simply . . .

Ok first pour some of the cream from the coffee mug in with your three eggs, roughly 1 and a 1/2 ounces works best but you can judge this part by eye.


Next turn the heat on under your non stick frying pan to gas mark 4 (180 degrees C) and drop 2 of your cubes of butter into the pan which will begin to melt slowly.


While that’s melting take your hand blender with the whisk attachment fitted and whisk the eggs and cream together on a medium speed, this part can be done by hand with a fork if your hand blender doesn’t have a whisk attachment.


Your 2 cubes of butter should be melting and spreading out nicely in the pan by now so sprinkle some of your salt into the pan, this will give the eggs an extra boost of flavour as they cook.


When the butter starts to sizzle you can pour your whisked eggs into the pan, have your flat headed wooden spoon ready but resist stirring for about the first 30 seconds. This allows your eggs to heat up and begin to cook nicely.


Now you can begin to gently stir and move your eggs around the pan, as you move the cooked pieces of egg the raw pieces will take its place and become cooked to. At this point you can grate a little bit of your favourite cheese on top of the cooking eggs (optional).


And just keep stirring until there’s absolutely no raw eggs left in the pan and the entire mix is well cooked and scrambled, and that’s it done, easy and perfect scrambled eggs.





Smooth & fresh chocolate milkshake

chocolate milkshake picture


If you’re a chocolate fan, like most of us, then a smoothly blended chocolate milkshake is always a welcome treat. Check out the simple ingredients and step by step instructions below to make your own at home whenever you fancy one . . .

The ingredients list . . . 

You’ll need a blending beaker with a minimum volume of 1 litre

2 table spoons of honey or chocolate syrup (or 1 of each)

A frozen cold bar of your favourite chocolate

1 heaped table spoon of cocoa powder

Cold milk, full cream works best

Ice cream (mackie’s traditional works great for this)

Your hand blender & an ice cream scoop

The simple steps . . .

Get all of your ingredients and your large blending beaker and hand blender in position.

Add a generous scoop of ice cream to the blending beaker, and the heaped table spoon of cocoa powder, and your 2 table spoons of honey or chocolate syrup.

Now pour in your milk until the beaker is 2 thirds full, attach your hand blenders main blending leg, lower it into the beaker until it is pressing into the ice cream and start blending it together in steady 2 to 3 second pulses.

At this point you can either add more milk to fill it up, or more ice cream if you want your shake to be a bit thicker. Give it a final blending until you are happy with the texture.

Finishing touches . . . 

To add a nice finishing touch to your smooth and fresh chocolate milkshake grab a metal cheese grater and your bar of frozen chocolate and grate an ample amount of choc flakes on top, and enjoy.





Healthy & energizing oatcakes

tasty vslide 62

6 or 7 Oatcakes per day can be a great cornerstone of a healthy diet, and, if you enjoy making your own foods or you just want to save some money you can easily make these healthy and energising oatcakes at home in under 25 minutes.

The best type of oats to use for this recipe are scottish oatmeal oats, which are ground down by stone to produce different sized pieces. Having said that, these are your homemade oatcakes so the choice is yours.

The Ingredients . . .

80 millilitres of water for boiling

60 grams of butter to melt

60 grams of whole wheat flour

230 grams of your choice of oats

1 tablespoon of salt

1 teaspoon of sugar (optional)

Half a tablespoon of bicarbonate of soda


Throwing them together . . . 

Take a small pan and begin to boil your 80 millilitres of water, and once the water starts to heat up drop in your 60 grams of butter.

While thats boiling and melting away grab a large bowl and mix together your 60 grams of whole wheat flour, 230 grams of oats, the teaspoon of sugar, the tablespoon of salt and half a tablespoon of bicarbonate of soda.

Next you should remove your boiled butter and water from the heat and pour it bit by bit into your large bowl of ingredients while stirring with a wooden spoon, this will bind it all together nicely.

Once your happy that its been stirred together enough you can add the doughy mixture to a baking tray and flatten it by hand until it’s roughly 1 centimetre thick. Also if you have any pin head oatmeal you can sprinkle some on top at this stage, this adds a bit of crunch to your finished oatcakes.

Now take a knife and score lines into the flattened dough, a square grid works well for separating the cooked oatcakes at the end.

Lastly bake them in the oven for 15 minutes at gas mark 5 and enjoy hot or store for later.





Mango And Strawberry Smoothie

strawberry & Mango Picture

This is a neat smoothie recipe which is great for summer time, or whenever you feel like it, and it literally takes less than 10 minutes to throw together.

Ingredients . . . 

200 grams of your favourite fruit yoghurt

A banana sliced into pieces

A splash of apple juice

Two mangos, frozen and sliced into chunks

Six or seven strawberries, each sliced in half


The preparation process . . . 

Have your hand blender with its primary blending foot ready to go, and get your blending beaker (preferably a large 1 litre type) and drop in the sliced up frozen mango chunks, the halved strawberries, some of the banana pieces, your splash of apple juice and lastly the 200 grams of your chosen yoghurt.

Now set your hand blender to a low speed / power setting and just press the blade end down onto your beaker full of ingredients.

Blend the fruit pieces together with 4 second pulses from the blades, as your ingredients start to blend you’ll be able to do longer pulses, keep going until you can press the spinning blades right to the bottom of the beaker.

This ensures that you have got everything blended nice and smooth, and that’s you done, tasty, quick and easy.





Health Boosting Vegetable Smoothie

veg smoothie picture

Blending your daily vegetables down into a smoothie is a great way to release all of the plants stored minerals and goodness, and of course it allows your body to absorb it all much more efficiently. So with that in mind lets take a look at a great vegetable smoothie recipe, and just switch out any particular veggies you don’t like from the ingredients list.

The (changeable) ingredients list . . . 

A large glass of cold water, for adding as needed

Your blending beaker, the bigger the better

Two peeled oranges, cut into small chunks

One apple, cut into small chunks

Two handfuls of kale (very good for your body)

Two handfuls of spinach

One carrot, sliced into small pieces


The simple process . . .

Drop your ingredients into your blending beaker, add a little cold water and just blend until you are happy with the smoothness. If your first blend is a little to thick just keep adding water and re-blending until you are satisfied.





The best pancakes

pancakes picture

It isn’t hard to use your hand blenders whisk attachment to make your own american style, great tasting and fluffy pancakes at home, keep reading to find out how to . . .

What you’ll need . . . 

Your hand blender plugged in and ready to go with its whisk attachment clipped on

A large mixing bowl

Four ounces of sifted plain flour

Seven ounces (200 millilitres) of milk, stirred together with three ounces (75 millilitres) of water

Two eggs

Two ounces of butter

A small sprinkle of salt (optional)

Two table spoons of sugar, or less depending on your sweet tooth


The best way to make them . . .

Take your large mixing bowl and use a sieve to sift your 4 ounces of flour into it, then sprinkle in a little salt (never more than half a teaspoon).

With your fingers create a small well in the middle of the flour, crack open both eggs and drop them into it.

Now take your hand blender and whisk it all together, starting on a low speed and getting faster as it begins to smooth out.

Next take your stirred together milk and water and pour a little bit at a time into the whisked ingredients, keep whisking as you do this and of course keep adding until all the milk and water is added.

At this point you might need to use a wooden spoon to pull any un-whisked ingredients into the centre and just re-whisk for 30 seconds until it’s all smooth. Add in your table spoons of sugar now if you’ve decided to make sweet pancakes.

Next take a frying pan and melt your 2 ounces of butter on a low heat, once it melts add 2 table spoons of it into your pancake batter and give it one last whisking.

Now you can raise the heat under your frying pan to medium, drain away any excess melted butter, but obviously keep some sizzling in there for cooking the pancakes.

Ok, so now you’re ready to make the first pancake. Spoon roughly 2 table spoons worth of batter into the frying pan, and, if you have a large soup ladle use it for this step so you’re adding the batter to the pan all at once.

ladle picture

Once your batter is in gently tilt the frying pan from left to right to spread it out a bit, and after about 40 seconds of cooking on one side use a knife to lift the pancake, if the under side has turned a dark brownish gold colour you can flip it and cook the other side.

The other side probably won’t need a full 40 seconds to cook, when it is done remove from the pan, it’s as easy as that.

Depending on the size of your frying pan and how big you want the pancakes to be you can adjust as needed.





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