Hotpoint Multifunctional Hand Blender Complete Breakdown

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Large Processor Bowl                                     Short Power Lead

Huge Versatility

Silent & Powerful                                            Usual Price – £58

The Hotpoint Multi-functional is really more of a compact food processor than a hand blender, and this gives it way more versatility when it comes to preparing food. It can blend, slice, shred, whisk and chop perfectly and quickly, and, it has a few other standout features which are worth taking a look at . . .

The Food Processor Bowl . .

This large bowl is mainly for slicing vegetables or potatoes (thick or thin) or for blending in bigger amounts. It has an impressive volume of 1,000 milliliters (nearly 2 pints) so you can prep more in one go.

It has a convenient chunky handle on the back, and of course it’s see through so you can tell what’s going on inside. It has the standard twin lower blades, but can also be fitted with 2 different upper cutting discs.

These discs work great for slicing, grating or chopping vegetables or potatoes to different thicknesses.

Overall Design Features . . 

The whole unit has a solid and durable feel about it, and its intelligent storage design keeps everything neatly together by allowing you to clip the main handle, the whisk attachment and the blending leg into the top of the food processor bowl.

hotpoint hand blender

The main color is a kind of brushed stainless steel which looks very smart and clean in any kitchen.

One bad point about the design is the power lead, which is only 1 meter long. It would have been much more practical to have a 1.5 or 2 meter lead instead, especially since everything else about this machine is really well designed.

Important Features Of The Handle . .

The top of the main handle houses the 6 setting speed dial which is adjusted easily by turning it to the right to raise.

hotpoint speed setting

And just underneath are the power and turbo buttons, which are both easy to press during use.

The handle itself is comfy to hold, is the same silver color as the main unit and locks very tightly into all the attachments.

The Smaller Attachments . . 

The small attachments include a stainless steel whisk which works well for light tasks such as beating eggs, whisking icing and the like.

hotpoint beakerspace

The included beaker has a non slip base, a jug lip and is nice and big at over 700 milliliters deep.

And the 350 milliliter chopping bowl is great for dicing up smaller amounts for one.





The Bottom Line . . .

If Your kitchen can handle the short 1 meter power lead then this multifunctional hand blender from Hotpoint is an excellent choice.

Its standout feature is the large 1,000 milliliter food processor bowl, but all of its other features and attachments do a great job to. All driven by the 700 watt powerful and quiet motor encased in good looking stainless steel. Hit Buy to order yours . . .

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