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In this area of the website you can scroll down and find the hand blender you’ve bought by its image, clicking on the image will open your models PDF instruction manual in a new window, this lets you find out any technical specifics you might need to know.

It’s always worth having a quick read to gain any knowledge you need to give your hand blender a longer working life.




Kenwood Kmix Tri-Blade Hand Blender Almond

kenwood almond instruction





Braun Multi-Quick Cordless Hand Blender

braun MQ cordless instructions

Braun Multi-Quick MR550

braun MR550 instructions

Bamix Deluxe Hand Held Food Processor

bamix black instructions

Russell Hobbs Allure 3 In 1 Hand Blender

Allure 3 In 1 instructions


Philips Robust Collection Cordless Hand Blender

Philips robust instructions


Kenwood Tri-Blade Hand Blender HB724

Kenwood triblade HB724 Instruction


Bosch Red Hand Blender

bosch red HB Instructions


Philips 650 Watt Hand Blender With Chopper, Whisk & Large Beaker

philips 650 instructions


Kenwood Kmix In Peppercorn Black

Kmix black instructions


Philips Hand Blender With Beaker & Chopper

philips hr1363 Instructions


Russell Hobbs Desire 3 In 1

Russell desire Instructions


Philips hand blender with double action blades

Philips double blades instructions


Russell Hobbs food collection hand blender

Russell Hobbs Food Instructions


Kenwood Tri-Blade hand blender HB711M

Kenwood Triblade HB711M Instructions


Russell Hobbs Desire hand blender  18970

Russell Hobbs 18970 instruction


Morphy Richards Accents hand blender

morphy accents picture


Braun Patisserie hand blender  MQ775

MQ775 patisserie Instructions


Bamix Gastro 200 with longer leg

bamix gastro instructions


Ninja Master Prep hand blender

Ninja Free Recipe Book

ninja instructions



Andrew James hand blender 700 watt

andrew j instructions