Before making a buying decision it’s always good to take about 10 minutes to asses the pros and cons of the machine which has caught your eye. This short assessment will make sure that you pick a high quality glass jug blender, and that you avoid all those crappy models out there.

Well made jug blenders vastly open up your food prep options in the kitchen, and, usually lead to healthier eating choices like home made fruit smoothies (free from big company additives!) and rejuvenating vegetable juices. the glass jug blenders reviewed below have all received a minimum of 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon UK from real customers like yourself. Scroll down to learn about the best options available . .





Duronic 1.8 Litre stainless steel blender

Duronic PictureSpace

g p 7

Large blends

Blends hot & cold

Manufacturers warranty 

b p 7



Usual price – £39

If You’ve been looking for a blender that is stylish and multi-functional the Duronic 1.8 litre could be the one to go for. With the ability to work with ice and also hot foods, it is great for all seasons and would look stunning in any modern kitchen as it comes in stainless steel with a multi speed setting and a 4 sided blade.

Hot & cold, best of both . . .

The great thing about the Duronic blender is that You can use it for both crushing ice, and also blending fruit, food etc. This makes for amazing summer cocktails, and healthy smoothies and soups all in one.

This versatility saves on money and kitchen space if You are someone who was considering needing 2 items, one for hots and one for colds.

Super fast results . . . 

Crush ice or blend large smoothies in under a minute. It depends on what You are doing of course, but it is recommended that You do not keep the blender working for more than 60 seconds at a time as this can lead to burnout. Using 5 to 10 second pulses works great and avoids straining the 1,200 Watt motor.

The Duronic blender comes with a 4 sided blade and the base unit has a variable speed knob which means that You can speed up if you need to, and choose the correct setting dependent upon the kind of results you would like.

Multi use means experimentation for You . . .

Right now You may be using a hand held blender to make your smoothies, well with the Duronic 1.8 litre you can blend ice, then throw in some fruit and store the whole thing in the fridge for later inside the upper jug section.

The ability to crush ice and blend multiple food types makes this blender much more versatile and attractive than others, and is a strong selling point.

1.8 litre capacity means lots more goodness . . .

The 1.8 litre fill volume of the Duronic means that You can make tasty treats (and healthy treats!) for yourself and also your family and friends and if you don’t fancy consuming it all in one sitting, you can store it for later.

This is great for those who prefer to prepare their blends for the week ahead on sunday to save time.

Some caution needed . . ?

Do remember that when working with hot liquids in a blender there can be some splash back. The manual recommends that You never fill it more than half full for this reason, but, the tight fitting jug lid completely protects from this so it’s not a huge concern.

So what’s the conclusion . . ?

If You want a machine that will get multiple jobs done and are into Your smoothies, soups, coolers, cocktails, then this is the blender for You. Sturdy and stylish, it works with cold and hot foods and the 4 sided blade and variable speed dial means that You can whip up Your own blends in under 60 seconds. Hit buy to order






Magimix 1.8 Litre Jug Blender In Black


g p 7

1.8 litre jug

Heat resistant

Programmed settings

Very powerful

b p 7

None found

Usual price – £142

Selling at around the £140 pounds price mark this MagiMix Jug Blender isn’t the cheapest model available, but it’s packed full of quality design features which make it stand out from the crowd. Like the special blender-mix system, its large glass pouring jug and the pre-set blending programmes, keep reading for full details . .

About the jug section . . . 

The 1.8 litre pouring jug is a great size for blending large amounts of just about anything. It is made from very tough heat resistant glass, has measuring increments on the side for precision and has a smooth thick pouring handle.

It also has an air tight lid so that nothing escapes during blending. And the removable measuring cap lets you scoop in exact amounts of things like sugar or flour.

The motor & blades . . .

The 1,200 watt motor drives the steel blades and is both powerful and quiet. The blades will spin at 600 revolutions per minute on the lower settings, and at 1,500 on the highest.

The MagiMix also features the exclusive blender-mix system, meaning the blades have a special shape which gives you super smooth blends in quick time.

Features of the base unit . . .

First up on the front is the large silver settings dial, which has numbered power settings and symbol settings round its rim.

symbols dial

This is how you flip between the 4 pre-set power programmes, and it’s a nice obvious design touch because you’ll never be blending with the wrong amount of power.

The 4 pre-set programmes include . . .

4 set programs

Below the settings dial are the Stop – On – Pulse controls. The pulse button will keep the blades spinning as long as you keep it pressed down.

The base unit itself has a good weight of 4.5 kilograms which makes it stable and not easy to push over, but light enough to move when needed. With the jug section attached the MagiMix has a total height of 38 centimetres (just over a foot tall).

Useful tips & information . . . 

Adding a little water to the jug will make it easier to smoothly blend harder vegetables like carrots, this is good for making home made soups or health regenerating vegetable smoothies. Also in the box you get a free recipe book with over 75 ideas to get you started.

The last word . . . 

The overall design of the MagiMix is simple and very effective, from its 1.8 litre heat proof glass jug at the top to its clear and easy to use base unit. Also the special blender-mix system makes the smoothest blends, and the pre-programmed settings for Smoothies – Ice – Soups & Deserts make blending a breeze. Click buy to order