Kenwood Kmix Tri-Blade Hand Blender Almond & Cream

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Very large chopping bowl

Excellent blending foot

Workhorse of a motor

Well thought out stand

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Quite expensive

Usual price – £79

The kenwood Kmix tri-blade hand blender in almond & cream has and does everything you could ask of a quality hand blender, it boasts an extra large chopping bowl which is twice the size of standard chopping attachments, a powerful low vibration motor, a practical and stylish design and excellent accessories.

Selling for around £79 pounds it is a bit more expensive than lesser hand blenders, but, the extra quality you get makes it worth every penny, lets take a closer look . . .

Specifications of the motor . . . 

This hand blenders motor packs 700 watts of wallop and gives you optimal performance without excess noise or annoying handle vibrations.

Shape & features of the main handle . . . 

The smoothly moulded handle is really well made and features the “Sure – Grip” design shape, and as you can see in the above image it gently curves inwards near the top for a tight fitting hold.

Protruding from the very top is the power lead which has a decent length of 1.3 meters (4 and 1/2 feet) and up at the top we also find the speed adjustment dial which has 5 settings and can be raised or lowered by twisting left and right.

A bit further down from the top and facing outwards we find the “On – Off” button and the Turbo boost button, and lastly at the bottom of the main handle are the attachment shaft release buttons (one on each side).

The whisk . . . 

The whisk has the usual balloon or tear-drop shape and is made completely from stainless steel, also, it’s a bit bigger than other hand blender whisks, which is helpful if you’re making up large batches of scrambled eggs or cake icing.

The Tri-blade blending foot . . . 

Just like the whisk, the Tri-blade blending foot is of 1 piece stainless steel make, this gives it strength of structure plus good heat resistance.

And like all blending foot attachments in Kenwood’s Tri-blade range it has a squared of, castellated anti-splatter guard and 3 uniquely positioned steel blades which won’t let any of your food escape a good blending.

It also has a clip on plastic cover cap to keep the blades dust free when its stored away.

The larger blending foot . . . 

The larger blending foot is basically an over sized copy of the main blending foot, it works well for blending large pans of soup.

The chopping bowl details . . . 

The Kenwood Tri-blade’s chopping bowl is one of its best accessories, and it has a decent sized capacity of 1 liter.

Its cream coloured 1 piece lid has 2 protruding ports on top, one for the main handle to clip into, and, one for dropping your veg and other ingredients down into the waiting blades.

The feeding funnel port for dropping ingredients into is 3 inches wide and 5 inches long so its a decent size to.

To separate the lid from the transparent chopping bowl you pull the release flaps (located at the lids edges) outwards and lift, this might be a little stiff the first 2 or 3 times.

Inside the chopping bowl itself we find 2 stainless steel chopping blades, which are very sharp brand new, and you can also insert the included disc cheese grater blade when required.

The stand and storage . . . 

The stand is circular in shape, flat and it has 3 upward facing docks for the accessories to clip into, and in its centre you can place the chopping bowl. This neat extra lets you keep all of the Kenwood Tri-blade hand blenders parts in one place and store them safley away.

The bottom line . . . 

So what’s the verdict? . . . . the only slightly unfavorable thing I could find out about the Kenwood Kmix Tri-Blade hand blender was it’s price, selling for around £79 pounds it’s a bit more pricey than other models.

However it’s very large chopping bowl, 700W power motor, smoothly shaped handle, 5 speed settings with Turbo boost, superior blending foot and other attachments give it much better performance than other hand blenders to. Click below for price & delivery details

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