Kenwood Tri-Blade Hand Blender HB711M

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Forceful 700W motor

Excellent blades

Over all quality


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Just above £25 pounds

Usual price – £29

The HB711M Kenwood Tri-Blade hand blender gives you superior blending, potato mashing and optimal power all at the touch of a button. Thanks to its comfortable handle it is very controllable, and, it boasts a number of design features which make it one of the best great value hand blenders you’re likely to find, read on for the full review . . . 

Note-able features of the handle . . . 

So, starting at the top, the power lead exits directly from the center top of the handle, this gives you a better range of motion and prevents snagging.

It is easy to use one handed thanks to its molded grip-able shape, soft grip upper coating and well positioned power and turbo buttons.

At the bottom of the handle you will find the 2 attachment release buttons, which need to be pressed together to release your chosen attachment.

What’s special about the motor . . ?

Compared to most value hand blender motors, Kenwood’s 700 Watt motor is a far superior machine which will easily spin the blades through any blending task you give it.

A word about the blade design . . . 

The rare Tri-Blade design ensures no food will escape from being blended, it basically has the first and second blade at 1 level and the third at a slightly lower level, this cuts down on overall blending time and maximizes smoothness.

The blending foot & potato masher attachments . . . 

Obviously we’ve just covered the blending foots blades, but it is worth mentioning what encases them, that is the special castellated splash guard which lets food flow freely in and out of the spinning Tri-Blades and simultaneously prevents splatter or splashing.

The potato masher attachment is so well designed that it only 4 or 5 pulses to turn your boiled potatoes into a smooth lump free mash.

masher attachment



So what’s the verdict . . ?

Where as most of the hand blenders in the great value section cost between £20 and £25 pounds, Kenwood’s HB711M is a bit more expensive at £29 pounds. However it’s 700 Watt forceful motor, rare Tri-Blade design, unique castellated blending foot and excellent potato masher make it well worth those few extra pounds

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