Kenwood Tri-blade Hand Blender HB724

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Superior blades

6 excellent attachments

5 speed & turbo

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Small chopping bowl

Usual price – £61

Selling for the affordable price of £61 pounds, the Kenwood Tri-blade hand blender has a lot to offer and can both speed up your food preparation time and make it enjoyable to.

It feels professional to use and features a 700 watt motor, changeable speeds, turbo function, excellent attachments and a 3 blade system designed to chop and blend as evenly as possible. Lets break it down . .

The main handle & speed settings . . .

The upper part of the handle has an ergonomic design and gives you a comfortable 1 handed grip for blending.

There are 5 speed settings which allow you to whizz through any food preparation task, to change them up or down you just twist the adjuster at the uppermost part of the handle.

The Turbo button is soft press and sits conveniently beneath your fingers as you grip the handle, holding it down will unleash the extra power when needed.

Located at the lowest part of the handle are the attachment release buttons, which must be pressed simultaneously to release the attachment.

The motor . . .

The 700 watt motor is an absolute workhorse, and because it’s backed up by the variable speeds and turbo function it will make your blending chopping or whisking effortless.

The main blending attachment . . .

Being made from stainless steel gives the main blending attachment strength, superior heat resistance and a stylish look.

Surrounding the blending blades is the unusual and efficient anti-splatter guard, which is castellated with repeated square indentations, like those seen on a castle battlement.

The blending Tri-blades are uniquely designed to work with the castellated guard, which allows for very smooth blending results.

The Bigfoot blending attachment . . .

Specifically built with pans in mind the Bigfoot blending attachment features an oversized set of blades which is great for blending soups and smoothies in the pan. It also has the same castellated guard as the main blending attachment.

The masher attachment . . .

This attachment can be used for both mashing and pureeing, and as you push the masher down onto the potatoes the paddles force the potato through the specially designed foot, this leaves you with a soft and fluffy mash every time.

The measuring jug . . .

At 750 millilitres deep the Kenwood Tri-blades measuring jug is larger than most, it has a large pouring handle and rubber base to stop it from sliding about while you’re blending.

Also when you are ready to store your blend in the fridge the rubber base peels of and becomes an air tight lid.

The whisk . . .

All deserts from simple to elaborate become possible with the tri-blades whisk, it features the standard balloon shape and is made from stainless steel for strength and longevity.

The mini chopping bowl . . .

As the name suggests the chopping bowl is a bit on the small side, however it makes an excellent job of chopping onions, peppers, nuts or even meat for a shepards pie. Also it’s no hassle to fill it up again for larger batches.

A note about dishwashers . . . 

Not all of the Kenwood Tri-blade hand blenders attachments are dishwasher safe, the instruction booklet tells you which are and aren’t.

The final verdict . . .

The Kenwood Tri-blade hand blender really is a cut above the rest, thanks to it’s Tri-blade design it produces smooth and even blends and chopping results in no time at all, also the well thought out attachments and powerful 700 watt motor make it a good choice for your kitchen. Click the buy button below to order

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