Kitchenaid Artisan Cordless Red Hand Blender

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Two blending legs

Versatile accessories

Powerful silent motor

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Usual price – £150


This Kitchenaid hand blender combines a really neat looking design with state of the art technology to give you maximum performance with all of your blending activities. And also included with this model is every accessory you could ask for in the kitchen, keep reading for details . . .

Cordless and rechargeable . . . 

One of the best features of this hand blender is that it’s cordless, this gives you total freedom of movement in the kitchen.

The powerful 12-V lithium-ion battery easily slips out from the top of the artisans handle, from there you just pop it into the neat looking charger and re-insert when done.

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When the battery is fully empty it will take 3 hours to recharge. Also the internal motor is very powerful and surprisingly quiet, it has an impressive top speed of 11,000 revolutions per minute which makes for fast and super smooth blending results.

2 blending legs . . . 

Most hand blenders come with only 1 blending leg but the Kitchenaid artisan comes with 2 and both are made from stainless steel.

The longest is 33 cm (12.5 inches) long and works well in deep pans of hot soup, and the shorter one is 20 cm (7.8 inches) long and is good for blending in shallow pans or cups.

Stainless steel bell blades . . . 

The 3 interchangeable bell blades will all clip onto either blending leg and let you perform a wide variety of blending tasks. And all 3 have a pan guard design to avoid scratches and scrapes.

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The chopping bowl & pouring jug . . .

The included chopping bowl is just over 600 millilitres deep so you can fit quite a lot in it, and it is also sturdy and well made.

The larger pouring / blending jug is nice and tall, has a solid handle, a press on lid and can hold over 1 litre. And thanks to the lid you can store your blends in the fridge for later.

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And on those hot summer days you can use the artisan with the large jug to crush ice for delicious smoothies or soft drinks.

Other accessories . . . 

As well as the accessories we’ve already looked at you also get an egg whisk which is one piece stainless steel, does its job well and can be rinse cleaned under the tap.

And a very stylish carrying case which can snuggly hold every piece of the kitchenaid artisan cordless hand blender.

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The final word . . . 

The Kitchenaid artisan cordless red hand blender really is an outstanding machine. It provides excellent blending results on a wide variety of ingredients in quick time and with very little noise.

The chopping bowl, blending jug and egg whisk also add to your food preparation options and you can leave the whole kit out on the kitchen top to show off or store it all away in the included carrying case. Click below for the lowest price . .