Some Hand Blender Maintenance Tips

hand blender box

So you’ve just had your new hand blender delivered, you have broken the seals on the stylish packaging box, attached the blending foot to the upper handle, plugged in and taken it for a spin with some strawberries and milk, and it works great.

Effortlessly blending your ingredients into a smooth and tasty strawberry milkshake in about 10 seconds flat!

But how do you make sure it will run as well on day 365 as it did today on day 1? It’s a good question, and is worth at least the ten minutes it will take you to read this concise guide, and, reading this will allow you avoid any unnecessary wear and tear or accumulative damage to build up.

What’s the best thing you can do to keep your hand blender working perfectly . . ?

I hate to write it, and I’m guessing you already know the answer, but the most important step you can take to keep your new hand blender fit and shiny is to read, or at least glance over, the instructions that came with it . . .

AaarrrggghhH ! !  beyond boring I know, but, if you grab a coffee, sit somewhere quiet and read through the instructions you’ll become aware of the specific “Do’s and Don’ts” for your particular model.

When you look at the customer reviews for hand blenders on Amazon there’s always a majority of satisfied customers (I’m talking about the quality models here) and 1 or 2 people who have left comments like “The motor burned out after only 6 weeks!” or “I used it to chip ice and now the blades aren’t as sharp!”.

And predictably a two minute look at the model in questions online PDF instructions will reveal important information such as do not use this hand blenders turbo function for over 20 seconds at a time, or (surprise surprise) This hand blender should not be used to chip ice, you get the picture.

So, yes it’s a bit on the boring side, but even a 10 minute flick through will help you avoid damaging your machine, and, for those of you who’ve chosen a deluxe hand blender or an over £50 pounds model it’s even more advisable to have a quick read through the instructions.

Is storage location important . . ?

Definitely, obviously your hand blender doesn’t need it’s own safe but it is worth while emptying out a certain corner of a cupboard or making space on a particular shelf, especially if your a parent to younger children.

Also consider temperature, a good storage location becomes less helpful if it heats up or cools down dramatically at certain times of the day for whatever reason.

Storage becomes easier with some of the higher end models, which come with their own space saving stands.

Cleaning and care tips . . .

This next paragraph or 2 has one foot in the “stating the obvious” hole and the other foot on a banana peel, but we’ve come this far so we might as well cover all the bases.

Before you start any cleaning the hand blender should always be switched off and unplugged at the wall.

It’s best to avoid directly touching the stainless steel blending or chopper attachment blades as they have been precision sharpened by machinery and are usually razor sharp.

If your hand blender has a plastic blending foot it can become discolored from blending foods like carrots or red onions, this is easily fixed by wiping it with a cloth dipped in vegetable oil.

A good way to clean the lower half of the main blending foot and the blades is to fill a tall plastic beaker about 1 third full with hot soapy water, plug your hand blender in, submerge the lower half and pulse it on and off for 5 second bursts.

Remove from the soapy water once you are confident the blades are clean and run them under the tap to get rid of any remaining soap. It’s important to never immerse the upper handle in water because it houses the motor.

Summary . . .

So we have covered the 3 basic points that if followed, will increase your hand blenders working life by a huge amount.

Instructions, storage and cleaning, and if you bought a more advanced model that requires specific care in any 1 area, this will be made obvious in it’s individual instructions. Thanks for your time and attention.