Morphy Richards Accents Red Hand Blender

morphy richards 48921 700 wattspace

g p 7

High speed blending

Blending hot soups

Repeating great results



b p 7

Blending harder foods

Nuts, ice etc


Usual price – £44


The Morphy Richards accents red hand blender is easy to use and has the ability to simplify and speed up your food preparation. All of its main features are well above average quality for a value priced hand blender, just keep reading to get a detailed view

The motor . . .

In the motor department the Morphy Richards leaves rivals in the dust with its 700 Watts of power, this amount of drive is 400 Watts greater than standard models in this price range, and surprisingly it is quiet and doesn’t produce annoying vibrations while you blend.

The different speeds . . . 

The speed setting dial is another nice touch, it offers you varying degrees of blending speed with turn adjustable settings of 2, 4, 6 and 8.

About the handle . . . 

The handle itself is nicely shaped with a gradual inward curve near the top for comfort. At the very top is the speed setting dial which we already covered, and just below this on the front face we can see the Power & Turbo buttons.

The Turbo button works best in 2 to 3 second intermittent bursts and will temporarily boost the blade speed up to setting 8.

The blending foot, splash guard and blades . . .

To attach the blending foot to the handle you just twist lock it into place, it locks in very securely and the lower portion of the blending foot is made from stainless steel which of course makes it extremely heat proof.

At the blending foots lowest point its shape mushrooms out into the splash guard which minimises mess, contains the 2 steel blades and allows your ingredients to flow in and out of the cutting area through horizontal slots (see above image).

Its very easy to clean the blending foot and blades, you just twist remove it from the upper handle and wipe it with a damp cloth under the tap.

Does it have any attachments . . ?

Just one, although it is a fairly decent one, its a plastic 800 millilitre blending beaker with a jug shaped lip for pouring. It doesn’t have a sealable air tight lid, but its big enough and works well with the hand blender for standard smoothies and milkshake tasks.

This review’s conclusion . . .

While it’s far from the perfect model, the Morphy Richards accents red hand blender is a great choice for anyone looking to spend less than £50 pounds, especially because of its powerful 700 Watt motor, contoured handle, adjustable speeds and steel blending foot. Press the buy button to get price and delivery details

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