Philips 650 Watt Hand Blender With Chopper, Whisk & Large Beaker

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Superior attachments

Powerful 650 watt motor

Stainless steel blending foot

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Usual price – £45


This Philips hand blender, which comes with a chopping bowl, whisk and a large 1.7 liter beaker, fuses 650 watts of power with its dual action blades and 16 speed settings. These combining factors produce a wonderfully even blend in seconds and let you prepare nutritious and healthy homemade food in no time at all, read on for details . .

The blending attachment & blades . . . 

The bottom of the main blending attachment is shaped so that it makes a vacuum in the ingredients and sucks itself down into it when you power on, the 2 main bonuses this design gives you are very smooth blends and no mess.

The bottom also houses the dual action blades which are stainless steel and slice professionally. Apart from the plastic attachment cap at its top, the entire blending attachment is made from stainless steel, this gives it extra heat resistance, strength and prevents staining from blended foods.

The chopping bowl . . . 

Another plus point for this model is its chopping bowl attachment, it is over sized compared to most and produces excellent results while chopping veg, nuts, cheese, hard boiled eggs or meat. The hand blenders 16 speed settings also help, letting you chop to exactly the right texture.

The measuring beaker . . . 

In contrast to most measuring beakers this one is pretty big, it stands at 1.7 liters deep, is transparent and has measurement lines on its side in ounces (Oz) and milliliters (mL) just like a Pyrex measuring jug.

It has an over sized handle for a good hold and a jug style lip for precise pouring, and lastly, an air tight lid for storing blends.

The balloon whisk . . . 

Again thanks to the greater number of speed settings the balloon whisk does a good job of whisking or whipping, also it is made from stainless steel and is dishwasher safe.

Features of the main handle . . . 

The main handles color is lavender and white and at its highest point we find the power lead, which is a decent length of 1.3 meters. Slightly below this is the 16 slot speed slider, because of these extra speed gradients you can match the blending/chopping speed precisely to the ingredients.

Underneath the speed slider sits the On-Off and Turbo buttons, the latter will supply a powerful boost when the need arises.

Overall the main handle feels really nice to hold, and, unlike other hand blenders with powerful 650 watt motors it isn’t to heavy and gives out no annoying vibrations.

The final verdict . . . 

There really is nothing bad to say about this Philips 650 watt hand blender, all the attachments have been well designed and are larger than their rivals, the motor gives you all the required power without annoying vibrations or to much weight, it blends and chops excellently, and is priced at a reasonable £45 pounds. To order yours just click the buy button below

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