Philips Hand Blender With Double Action Blades

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Superior handle design

Blades cut with maximum efficiency

Powerful motor

Excellent attachments

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Usual price – £88

The philips electronic company has a long standing and well deserved reputation for making high quality household appliances, and their 700 watt hand blender with double action blades will only strengthen that reputation further.

The handle & main blending attachment . . . 

The handles shape has been very well thought out and is molded to give you a comfortable and secure grip, and, as you hold it your fingers naturally rest over the regular and turbo speed buttons.

The main blending attachment is a solid stainless steel piece, and its bottom smoothly fans out into the anti-splatter guard, within this guard the stainless steel blades cut horizontally and vertically for maximum effect.

The 700 watt motor & speed settings . . . 

The 700 watt motor is an overachiever and coupled with the double action blades (or any of the attachments) there aren’t many ingredients it cannot slice through in seconds.

There is no on/off button for this hand blender, you simply hold down either the regular or turbo speed button and away you go.

You can also pre set the speed before starting with the 1 through 5 slider found at the top of the handle.

The 4 accessories . . . 

Philips have done very well with this hand blenders accessories, firstly the measuring beaker has an air tight lid, a jug lip for precise pouring, a large comfortable handle, and most importantly it is twice the size of most measuring beakers with a capacity of 1 liter.

Also you get 2 chopping bowls, the smaller of the 2 is ideal for chopping spices and herbs, and the extra large chopping bowl does great work with larger ingredients like full onions. both bowls have a rubber base to hold them fast in position while you chop.

Like the main blending attachment, the egg whisk is solidly designed from stainless steel and does a great job.

Cleaning tips . . . 

Apart from the main upper handle, all the accessories are OK for going into the dishwasher, they can also be cleaned fairly quickly by hand.

The final summary . . . 

The Philips hand blender with double action blades is a very impressive over all product thanks to its professional design, variable speeds, excellent accessories and sensible asking price of £88 pounds, Click the buy button below to order yours

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