Philips Robust Collection Cordless Hand Blender

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Good looking, practical stand

Long battery life

Great blending leg

Freedom of movement

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2 hours for full charge


Usual price – £39




The Philips Robust Collection Cordless Hand Blender combines greater movability, well made accessories and a high quality over all design concept which makes it a worthy addition to any kitchen. Keep reading to find out more

The handle in detail . . .

The handle looks good and feels professional, and has a comfortable weight and is well balanced. It doesn’t have such a drastic ergonomic curve as some other models but it does have a slight one and is quite well fitting to hold, and obviously the absence of a power lead gives you superior freedom of movement.

To get the power flowing and the blades spinning you must hold the unlock button down for 2 or 3 seconds before pressing the “On” button, this is a great safety feature if you have children in and out of your kitchen.

Removing and clipping on the attachments is easy via the prominent button found at the lower front face of the handle (directly beneath the philips badge).

Re-charging with the stand . . .

The stand is quite practical because it holds the Philips cordless vertically which saves on space, and it looks good to.

While it’s sitting on the stand the strong 7.4 volt lithium-ion batteries are re-charging, a full charge takes just over 2 hours and this will give you 20 minutes of full blending power. When the batteries start to run low again the L.E.D. light at the top of the handle lets you know.



The blending leg from top to bottom . . . 

This hand blenders main blending leg is a solid 1 piece aluminium mold which ensures strength from top to bottom and great heat resistance.

Also its lower splash guard has been specifically shaped to reduce suction and increase ingredient flow during blending.

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Details of the chopping bowl . . . 

The chopping bowl accessory is neat and precise looking, it’s main body is see through so you can tell what’s going on in there and although the measuring lines only go up to 500 milliliters (16 flour ounces) it is actually twice that deep.

It has a standard stainless steel blade for dicing meat and chopping nuts, and a serrated blade for crushing ice, and it also has a rubberised base to prevent slipping.

The beaker . . .

The beaker which accompanies the philips cordless is fairly decent, it will hold 1 litre of liquid and it has a press down sealable lid for storing your blends in the fridge.

A note about cleaning . . .

The clever people at Philips have designed this hand blender to be very easy to clean, they achieved this by removing any protruding edges from the over all shape and by using non stick materials which are simple to wipe down.

All of the attachments are dishwasher safe except the aluminium blending leg, the chopping bowl lid and of course the upper handle.

The reviews verdict . . .

To summarise then, the only bad point I could find about the Philips robust collection cordless hand blender was its full re-charge time which takes just over 2 hours.

Thankfully this is a minor thing and this hand blender has more good points than bad ones, namely its solid aluminium blending leg with its specially shaped splash guard, the stylish looking and space saving vertical re-charge stand, its over all design quality and its cordless freedom of movement. Hit the buy button for order details

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