Dear website Guest,

At the hand blender information site your privacy is very important to us, so below you can read through our privacy policy to help you understand what information of yours we collect, exchange or make use of in any way.
When you arrive at this site, just like when you arrive at any other, we sometimes learn some basic information about you during your visit.
Like all sites online this one uses cookies and web server information to discover how the website was used. This is primarily in the form of basic information like what pages you looked at on site, the time and date you arrived and left and the website you came from and went to next. This is tracked by your I.P. address.


Aren’t cookies things you eat?

No, not in the realm of computers anyway, cookies are small text files (like fingerprints) containing an individual I.D. number, when you arrive at a new site for the first time the site asks for your computers “ok” to store their small “cookie” file inside your hard-drive in its cookie storage space.

Your email address details

If you choose to email this site through the contact page we can record your email address, the content of your email message and our response if any is given. This is basically to protect us in case anyone emails us anything unsavoury, however, it should be noted that this site will never pass your email address onto third party advertisers or anyone else. The only time we will hand out your email address is if we are legally obliged to.

Children using this site

Children must not use this site unsupervised and we ask that anyone under the age of 13 not to provide any personal information here. If you are under age 13 years old you can only use this site with permission from a parent or guardian.

Protecting yourself and your information
Email is not a secure method of communication, so we ask that you shouldn’t send any private information to us through email. We reserve the right to use software to ascertain which areas of the site are visited most, least and not at all, software like Google Analytics for example.

For our sites continued security we reserve the right to use software which keeps track of traffic which identifies unauthorised attempts to damage this site in any way.

Future amendments to this privacy page

If needed (although its unlikely) this privacy policy can be changed or updated without notice, however if you provided us with your email address under the current policy it will still be secure under the revised version.

If you have any questions 
Any questions relating to this policy, or about the site in general, can be asked through the contact page, I will be happy to respond as soon as possible. Thank you for reading.