Russell Hobbs Desire 3 In 1 Hand Blender

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Good solid design

Blends perfectly

Has 3 attachments

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Small chopping bowl

Only has a 400 watt motor

Usual price – £28

The Russell Hobbs Desire 3 In 1 hand blender is a bargain at its current price of £28 pounds. As well as being a very capable hand blender it also offers other great features, including a good looking compact design, extra attachments and the ability to perform different food preparation tasks precisely. Lets take a closer look . . .

The chopping bowl . . .

At 500 milliliters the chopping bowl is smaller than some of its rivals, so you’ll need to empty and refill it for larger portions, however this doesn’t change the fact that it does an excellent job of chopping any fruit or veg you need done.

It locks securely to the hand blenders main body and is transparent which stops the user from over chopping their ingredients.

The balloon whisk & beakers . . .

For some reason Russell Hobbs have included 2 half liter beakers with this hand blender instead of the usual 1, obviously this isn’t a bad thing, especially if your blending for 2.

The balloon whisk is well made from stainless steel and delivers excellent results quickly for eggs, icing, mayonnaise and cake mix. It also cleans easily under the hot tap.

The hand blender, upper to lower . . .

The upper section of the desire 3 in 1 features a large comfortable handle and is well made from high quality materiels.

It also has the 2 speed setting buttons which are easy to flip between, and houses the 400 watt motor, which, will chop and blend fruits and vegetables perfectly but may struggle with harder ingredients like nuts.

The lower section (main blender attachment) is made from stainless steel, as are the blending blades and the bottom encompasses the blades to prevent splatter and mess.

Is it tricky to clean . . ?

Definitely not, all parts of the Russell Hobbs Desire 3 In 1 hand blender disassemble without fuss and can be cleaned quickly and easily.

Overall good & bad points . . . 

So, both this models problems come from the “to small” complaint, the motor being 200 watts weaker than most of its rivals in the same price range, and the chopping bowl will only hold half a litre of ingredients.

On the upside it comes with an extra beaker, egg whisk, is well made, looks stylish, blends fruit and veg excellently and is well worth the £28 pound price tag.

The final word . . .

For the more serious cooks among you looking to blend and chop a wide range of ingredients this hand blender isn’t for you, but for anyone looking for a good basic hand blender for chopping veg, fruit and blending it is a solid and affordable choice. Click the buy button below to order yours.

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