Russell Hobbs Desire Hand Blender 18970


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Quality design

Steel blending leg

400 Watt motor

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Small beaker


Usual price – £19

The Russell Hobbs desire range is very popular right now, and considering that the company has been producing quality kitchen appliances since it was formed in 1952, it’s popularity isn’t that surprising.

One of the two founding members, Bill Russell, had a unique quality test he performed on every new appliance, he would pour half a pint of boiling hot gravy over it and if it still worked after that it was good to go. But that’s enough history, let’s take a close look at the Russell Hobbs 18970 desire hand blender . . .

Important points about the handle . . . 

At 876 grams (just under 1 kilogram) the handle is slightly heavy, so anyone with arthritis or wrist problems should factor this into their buying decision.

Both the normal and turbo speed buttons are comfortably positioned, recessed, water proof and releasing pressure to either will instantly cut power to the blades, which is a good safety feature.

Also, the handles black and red color combo looks refreshing and stylish.

The blades & blending foot . . . 

The blending foot is made from quality toughened plastic at it’s upper section, and strong stainless steel for the lower leg, anti-splash guard and blending blades.

desire blades










It will lock tightly to the main handle by simply pressing it into place and will detach easily via the left and right release buttons. It’s ok to clean in the dishwasher to.

desire leg


The motors details . . . 

At 400 watts the motor has a decent amount of driving force for both speed settings, the slow setting is best for blending soups to the exact consistency needed and the turbo is good for quick pulses to finish of smoothies and the like.

The motor is also fairly quiet and produces little to no vibrations so it’s never a hassle to use.

The beaker accessory . . . 

Less of a beaker and more of a cup as it only has a capacity of 0.5 liters, however it works well with the blending leg for making your fruit smoothies and milkshakes, and just like the blending leg it is dishwasher safe.

The final verdict . . . 

So, while it does have 1 or 2 flaws, the Russell Hobbs desire hand blender 18970 is still one of the better value priced models selling in the UK today, and it will quickly and professionally handle all of your basic blending tasks. Hit the buy button below for details

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