Sabichi Essential Red Hand Blender

sabichi hand blender


g p 7

Performs well

Very affordable


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No attachments


Usual price – £11

The following review isn’t going to be a long one, simply because Sabichi’s essential red hand blender is very basic and doesn’t come with any extra attachments, nope, not even a blending beaker. However it’s sparseness doesn’t mean it is a poorly designed model, lets take a look at the details . . .

The upper handle & motor . . .

The upper handle curves inwards towards the top and has left and right indentations which makes holding it nice and comfortable, and the power button is conveniently centred for your index or middle finger.

Also the power button needs to remain pressed down to keep the blades spinning, and, like most hand blenders the Sabichi works best in a pulsing stop start motion.

The motor has one speed and more power than you would expect for 170 watts, although this extra power makes it slightly noisy.

The blending foot & blade area . . . 

The lower blending foot and the upper handle do not separate so it must be unplugged while cleaning, and obviously it cannot go in the dish washer. It is made from toughened plastic and can withstand blending in hot soups without loosing its shape.

At its bottom end the blending foot mushrooms out into a decent anti splash guard which houses the twin stainless steel blades, these make short work of blending soups and produce great milkshakes and smoothies.

This reviews verdict . . . 

So what are the pro’s and con’s? we can see that the Sabichi essential red hand blender is very sparse and comes with no attachments at all, but to its credit it will blast through all of your basic blending tasks professionally, is very affordable, and is a good choice for anyone who needs a reliable cheap hand blender for daily use. Hit the buy button to order

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