Tefal Turbomix Metal Hand Blender

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Strong motor

Steel blending foot

Great price


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Inferior splash guard

Usual price – £21

If you need an affordable hand blender that is contoured, compact and fit for daily use then Tefal’s turbomix metal hand blender is a great choice. The well shaped comfortable handle and cutting edge blade technology make this an easy to operate and very useful model, keep reading to find out more . . .

The motor . . .

Where as most value priced hand blenders have a 200 or 250 Watt motor, Tefal’s model has a strong 350 Watt motor, this of course improves it’s blending results.

Important point about overheating . . . 

To avoid over heating this hand blender should be used in a stop – start – pulsing motion, as keeping the power flowing to the blades for over 30 or 40 seconds will promote to much heat in the motor.

40 seconds seems like a small amount of time on paper, but for most basic blending tasks you’ll only need 20 seconds at the most.

The handles features . . . 

The Tefal turbomix has a decent handle design, it is streamlined and ergonomic to give the user greater comfort and control, also the pressurized soft press speed / power button is a nice touch.

To attach the steel blending foot you screw it together with the handle, a few turns is all it takes to cement both pieces together.

The blending foot & blades . . .

While most value models have a plastic blending foot, the Tefal turbomix has a solid steel one, this lets you blend in higher temperature liquids without worrying about heat warping the shape.

The blending foot does have a splash guard, but unfortunately it’s not as well shaped as it could have been, and it will splash a bit if you’re using it in a shallow pan. To avoid this, just keep the stainless steel blades and splash guard well below the surface as you blend.

The blending beaker attachment . . .

The splashing problem we just covered isn’t an issue with the turbomix’s deep blending beaker, it’s graduated for pouring exact measures and at 800 milliliters it’s a good size to.

The bottom line . . .

In the great value hand blender area Tefal’s turbomix outdoes it’s competition easily, mainly thanks to it’s powerful motor, stainless steel blending foot, comfort shaped handle and low price. Click the Buy button for details

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