The Bamix Gastro Professional With Longer Shaft

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Extended blending leg

Exclusive handle design

Precision quality

Long work life

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Usual price – £131

The Bamix Gastro Professional with longer shaft was specially built for work in larger, commercial kitchens (restaurants hotels etc). Its elongated blending leg allows it to be used in big deep pans of hot soups and other ingredients to a depth of 10 inches, and, as with every Bamix hand blender the area where the metal of the blending leg joins into the handle is waterproof and perfectly sealed. Keep reading for full details . . .

About the motor & speed buttons . . .

The Gastro has a powerful 200 Watt motor with a standard speed of 12,000 revolutions per minute for the first (highest) power button, and an impressive turbo speed of 18,000 revolutions per minute for the second (lower) power button.

Both power buttons are covered and protected with a liquid proof rubber membrane, and which ever speed you choose the motor is quiet, healthy sounding and produces no vibrations at all.

The Bamix exclusive handle shape . . . 

Nearly all hand blender models have a circular shape to their handles, but Bamix handles are different, they’ve been designed with an oblong shape which lets it fit the palm of your hand very snuggly.

And this special shape combined with the soft grip materiel produces maximum comfort during use.

The extended blending leg . . . 

The shaft of the Gastro’s blending leg is quite a bit longer than average at 25 centimetres (10 inches) which is a full 15 centimetres longer than their other models. Needless to say the Gastro has no problem blending in large deep pans of soup which makes it a great choice for working restaurant kitchens.

The blending legs head . . .

The head (or attachment) end of the blending leg is very cleverly designed, unlike most other hand blenders the splash guard area on the Bamix is uncovered, logic suggests that this would create mess and splatter as soon as you begin, but, the various blade attachments have a precision shape which makes a vortex in the centre of whatever liquid you are blending so there is no mess. You can strongly feel the downward suction created by this vortex during blending.

About the attachment blades . . . 

The blade attachments also clip on in an intelligent way, there are no flimsy latches or pieces which can break over time, it is simply metal to metal and each attachments hole is exactly the right size for it to be pressed into place by hand and solidly stay put. For full details of the Bamix blades check out the lower half of this review.

The power lead & wall stand . . . 

The Gastro’s power lead is spiralled for flexibility and has an impressive length of 62 inches, which is just over 155 centimetres.

Also included in the box is an easy to fit wall bracket which keeps the Gastro and its blades out of harms way when you aren’t using it.

This reviews verdict . . .

On the whole this hand blenders extended blending leg, extended power lead, simple and professional blade attachments, superiorly shaped handle and quality checked Swiss motor make it a kitchen addition you will truly wonder what you did without. Press the buy button for delivery and price options

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