The Braun Patisserie Multi-Quick 7 Hand Blender

braun patisserie picture

g p 7                              b p 7

Superior speed control                           Medium sized beaker

Great versatility

Quality food processor jug                      Usual Price – £130

In France and belgium the word Patisserie is the name given to select bakeries which excel in making great tasting pastries and bread, so, it’s fitting that Braun have included the word in this Multi-Quick 7 hand blenders title.

As well as performing the standard Braun hand blender tasks excellently it can mix dough to create enjoyable breads and pastries, thanks to its intelligent dough kneading attachment blade.


The upper handle & smart speed trigger . . . 

This models upper handle was built with one handed operation in mind and it does well in this area.

It has a Smart Speed Control trigger which supplies more power to the blades the more you squeeze it, this lets you smoothly change speed without pausing and is far superior to standard speed dials.

The speed trigger itself is very large and the upper part of the handle is layered with soft grasp materiel, these two factors make for a comfortable hold.

The power cord which extends from the back of the upper handle has a length of 50 inches, just over 4 feet.

Structure of the blending foot . . . 

The over all shape of the blending foot is thick and solid and is made from quality stainless steel, also the dual stainless steel blades blend and slice with maximum efficiency. They are enclosed inside Brauns “Power Bell” splash guard design.

The beaker & whisk attachments . . .

The Braun patisserie’s blending beaker falls into the not to big – not to small category with a depth of 600 millilitres, it has stenciled measurements on the side in millilitres and ounces and it works well for the standard milkshake, smoothie and whipping cream tasks. It could have been slightly bigger though.

If you need to whip cream, beat eggs or make fluffy deserts the stainless steel whisk is a great tool, and its also easy to clean.

The large food processor jug . . . 

Unlike the blending beaker the food processor jug is nice and big with a total depth of 1.5 litres.

It will slice up potatoes, cucumbers and other veg quickly and easily, and it can also shred your vegetables fine or coarse.

It easily chops large quantities of meat which makes it a great help if you are preparing meatballs or any mince dishes.

food processor jug picture


And of course it kneads dough to help you make fresh homemade breads and pastries, to do this you simply clip the hand blenders handle into the top of the food processor jug, insert the dough kneading blade, pour your flour down into the ingredient funnel and start spinning the blade while pouring in small amounts of water until your dough is the perfect consistency. When you are happy with it remove, shape and bake.



Final summary of this model . . . 

Thanks to its smart speed trigger, one handed operable soft grasp handle, excellent food processor jug attachment and all round quality German engineering this Braun hand blender is a welcome and worthwhile addition to any kitchen.