The Ninja Master Prep Advantage

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1 touch control

Quality attachments

Excellent blades

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Small chopping bowl

If you need a reliable and strong hand blender for mainly making puree’s, mincing meat, dicing veg and whipping up smoothies in no time at all then the Ninja Master Prep by JML is an excellent choice which doesn’t cost a fortune. Keep reading for a detailed breakdown . .

The interchangeable power pod . . . 

The driving force of the ninja master prep is its 450 Watt power pod which clips to the top of the blending jug or chopping bowl, and via the large power button delivers ruthless speed to the blades.

Because the power button is over sized it’s easy for you to control the speed to the blades with one handed operation.

The special Ninja blades . . . 

The core strength of the entire unit is the Ninjas blades, and as you can see in the image below they differ from standard blending blades as they have 2 on the bottom and an extra 2 further up, this unique system delivers smooth blends very quickly

ninja blades picture







The blades can be separated by hand when you only need the lower set for smaller amounts, and re-connecting them is easy, just slide them back together and twist lock into place.

They work best when you use them in a pulse – pause motion, this allows the ingredients to resettle before you give it another blast. 4 to 6 second pulses are fine for most blends.

The blending jug & chopping bowl . . . 

The set includes a large 1.4 litre blending jug with a non slip base which can be removed to double as an air tight lid, this is handy for saving your blends for later. The jug also has a large pouring handle and lip which makes pouring easy and practical.

At 0.5 litres the chopping bowl isn’t huge but it is perfect for pureeing small amounts of veg, crushing ice cubes down into fluffy slush and evenly chopping meats, and like the blending jug it has a non slip base / air tight lid.

The receiver port . . . 

There is a clear plastic receiver port which is placed on top of the chopping bowl or blending jug before you clip the power pod into position. It holds both the power pod above and the blades below firmly in place.

Making a fast smoothie . . . 

Making a smoothie with the Ninja is easy, drop your ingredients into the blending jug, place the receiver port on top then clip on the power pod.

And just pulse until you’re happy with the thickness and texture, this takes less than 2 minutes and is great for healthy and sweet smoothies alike. When you’re done the receiver port has a flip up lid which allows you to pour directly to the cups without removing the blades.

Storage, cleaning & other need to knows . . .

The Ninja Master Prep doesn’t take up much storage space and its over all design is compact in nature, and thankfully it is very easy to clean. An important safety point to be aware of is that the blades are very sharp when new and should be handled with care.

This reviews conclusion . . .

Because of its powerful motor, one touch pulse control, well designed blending jug and chopping bowl, and most importantly its special Ninja blade system the Ninja Master Prep is a smart choice for anyone looking to blend with precision. Hit the buy button for price and delivery information

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